anthea simmons

 The Old Pump House                       December 2009
 The Courtyard Gallery Lyme Regis     February 2010
 The Old Pump House                       May 2010
 The Courtyard Gallery                     July 2010 
 Lyme Regis ArtsFest:                      25th September - 3rd October
 Upstairs Gallery joint show with Brian Matravers August 2011
 Open Studio Lyme Regis ArtsFest      17th-25th September 2011
 Courtyard and Upstairs Gallery          26th May - 13th June 2012
Lyme Regis ArtsFest                        8th - 16th September 2012
Lyme Regis ArtsFest                        21st- 29th September 2013
and in the windows or interiors of: By the Bay Restaurant; The Town Mill Cheesemonger; the Library.
Solo show at Sapphire Living Spaces in November. 2013
Lyme Regis ArtsFest 20- 28 September 2014 Town Mill and in the windows of The Town Mill Cheesemonger, The Terrace and Amid Giants and Idols

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